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Key Components of a Good Scale Calibration Service

Jun 1, 2017 2:59:53 PM / by Ray Secour

How Competent is Your Scale Calibration Service Provider?

Keeping your scale serviced and calibrated isn't just a smart idea for staying in line with regulations; a misread on your industrial scales can turn into a slow financial leak for your business. Whether you're over-delivering and losing out on materials or under-delivering and risking fines, fees, and broken contracts, neglecting your scale simply isn't a good business practice.

key-components-scale-calibration-service.jpgHere at Alliance Scale, we're happy to deliver all five of the top features you should be looking for in a testing, maintenance, and scale calibration provider:

1. Always Uses a State-Licensed Service Provider. 

These individuals will know what the expectations are for companies and consumers alike in your region. That's a huge headache handled ahead of time by someone knowledgeable about scale regulations in your area.

2. Uses State-Certified Traceable Test Weights for Calibrations.

Using traceable, state-certified test weights to calibrate your scale cuts through several layers of red tape by keeping the chain of reporting intact.

3. Provides a Thorough Testing Process. 

Remember, your scale tests aren't simply accuracy for accuracy's sake –they're a cushion against liability and unnecessary expenses that could actively harm your business.

4. Incorporates Visual Inspection and Repairs. 

The more your calibration company can report about your scales, the better. A visual scale inspection will reveal if damage, such as corrosion, dirt, or debris, is affecting scale accuracy.

5. Provides Comprehensive Calibration Reporting. 

There's a reason a scale is "zeroed out" before weighing the next load: a baseline preserves accuracy from weigh to weigh. Comprehensive reporting not only informs your company, it's an excellent comparison tool for the next periodic inspection. 

Calibration for your scale isn't something that can be put off or patched over: inaccuracy is expensive and can undermine your brand's trustworthiness in the eyes of the consumer – don't make that mistake! Contact Alliance Scale today to schedule your calibration and maintenance appointment with our expert service team.

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